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quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2009

Vaquinha Mimosa

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  1. Great Creative Ability you have!!!!! Join us ...we want your thoughts, opinions, people Power...skills!!! Beautiful!

    It is written from the desert
    To the mountains they shall lead us
    By the hand and by the heart
    They will comfort you and me
    In their innocence and trusting
    They will teach us to be free

    For the children and the flowers
    Are my sisters and my brothers
    Their laughter and their loveliness
    Could clear a cloudy day

    And the song that I am singing
    Is a prayer to non believers
    Come and stand beside us
    We can find a better way


    A big chunk of the soul of the American people is in country music. A big chunk of the soul of COuntry music is in the essence of the Human Heart the world over!

    Join us at Thinktank Evolution... and the Creative Love Action. We want your thoughts. Lets keep living truths from being dead dogmas! Lets keep moving forward. Lets keep learning, creating, living, laughing, crying, moving!

    We want YOU! Be a contributor, be a mover...take over the whole thing!



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