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quarta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2009

Relógio de parede - Time to shine clock

O PAP está aqui, no site da Joann.


• Turquoise Tulip® Fashion Glitter™
• Glue brush
• Wire cutter
• Aleene’s® Fast Grab™ crafting adhesive
• Craft knife or sandpaper
• Foil
• Old LP record
• Newspaper
• Faux flower or pre-cut petals
• Clock works & hands with 3/4" stem
• Large letter: chipboard or papier mache

Read all instructions before beginning project. Refer to photo for color & design placement.
1. Make sure clock stem fits properly in the center hole of record. Enlarge hole slightly by carefully scraping with craft knife or sandpaper. Stem should slip through hole, retaining tight fit so it can be secured onto record.
2. Spread newspaper over work surface. Place letter on newspaper. Squeeze Fast Grab™ onto foil. Gluing & glittering 1 section at a time, quickly brush adhesive across front of letter. Immediately sprinkle turquoise glitter over wet area. Let dry for several minutes; tap off excess. Repeat steps until entire letter is completely covered with glitter. Set aside to dry.
3. Use individual loose fabric petals or cut silk flower petals apart to reconstruct flower. Create large, loose flower on left side of record, attaching petals 1 at a time with Fast Grab™. Allow to dry.
4. Squeeze dots of glue in center of flower & along outer edges of petals. Sprinkle with turquoise glitter. Allow to dry completely; tap off excess.
5. Insert clock stem into center of record. Position glittered letter under or alongside clock stem without covering it.
The letter’s positioning on record will vary depending on shape of glittered letter. Apply Fast Grab™ to back of letter & attach to record. When dry, attach clock works & hands according to manufacturer’s instructions.
Project Courtesy of

Duncan Enterprises
Designed by Debbie Rines

Para traduzir este projeto, use o tradutor do Google, AQUI.

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